Thanks for your interest in submitting to Writing Tomorrow.  

Please make sure you choose the appropriate category. If you are submitting articles, click on article submissions. Otherwise, we offer two standard submission categories: standard ($2.00) with a $12 payment if your piece is published, or express ($3.00) and $13 if your piece is published.

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If you like to jump the line, this category is for you: same guidelines apply as our standard submission. The $3.00 gets you ahead in the line, a response within two weeks, (versus our typical 12-16) and $13 payment. Your contribution goes into funding your online submission and our published contributors. 

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Have a short story just not getting picked up? Let's take a look at it. We'll offer developmental and line editing for up to thirty double-spaced pages. You're piece will also be considered for publication on our website and in our magazine. If chosen for publication, we offer payment of $40.

Please follow our general submission guidelines. Expect a two-week turnaround. All edits and comments will be done in Microsoft word, using Merriam Webster's dictionary and the Chicago Manual of Style as references.

Thanks for your interest in submitting to Writing Tomorrow standard submissions. We offer $12 via paypal for all works submitted via standard submission. So coffee and a bagel's on us!  But please make our lives a little bit easier and adhere to these guidelines:

* Please use a 12 pt font.

* We prefer no headers or footers. 

* While we accept up to 12,000 words, the average submission is between 3,000-6,000.
  Anything over 8,000 must really warrant that extra space to publish.

* If you have multiple poems or flash fiction (under 1000 words) please put them under one entry. (You can download up to five files.)

* We will consider reprints, or anything that's been posted on a personal blog. Please credit the previous publisher somewhere either in a cover letter, or after the work's title.

While we believe in the freedom of expression and will read anything you have to say, we will not print:
      gratuitous sex/profanity/violence
      overtly religious/political works
      genre romance/thriller/horror stories without something more to their theme.

We expect already edited and polished works. We will, however, edit it to fit either our style manual, our format, our space, and in some cases, we may edit content. You will have the chance to work with us and review any changes.

You will retain your rights after publication. 

We look forward to reading you!

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